Terms & Conditions


  • By entering the premises of 3D World Dubai or any part of the premises, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and have understood them to be binding on you. It is your responsibility to read and inform yourself of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any persons from the premises or any part of the premises for failure to comply with any of the stated Terms and Conditions.
  • You are responsible for your own personal property and the property of those persons under your care or supervision whilst on the premises. Neither 3D World Dubai nor its staff or management are responsible for any loss of property
  • All paintings at 3D World Dubai are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.


  • The maximum capacity of the gallery is 150 visitors at any one time. The number of persons per entry may vary and is at the absolute discretion of management.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges on any tickets. Lost, damaged or stolen tickets will not be replaced. 3D World Dubai and shall have no liability for consequential losses, damages or expenses whatsoever.
  • Admission Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Validity of the tickets is only for the date it is purchased for
  • Only persons holding valid tickets will be allowed to enter 3D World Dubai
  • Children below 3 years may enter 3D World Dubai for free, when accompanied by a paying parent or legal guardian.
  • All ticket prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Code of Behavior

  • You must comply with these Terms and Conditions, all rules, directions and safety requirements which apply to persons visiting the 3D World Dubai premises. Failure to do so may lead to you being removed from the premises without compensation.
  • You must obey all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings given by 3D World and/or Management and/or Staff without objection.
  • You must not behave in a way which disrupts the safety or enjoyment of other persons on any part of the Premises. Offensive, irresponsible or unsafe behavior, theft or vandalism, is not acceptable.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the entire 3D World Dubai premises.
  • No food or beverage of any nature may be taken onto or consumed in the 3D World Dubai premises.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times on the premises. Persons deemed by management to be wearing offensive clothing will not be permitted entry into the 3D World Dubai premises.
  • Running is NOT permitted on or in the vicinity of the 3D World premises or anywhere within the 3D World premises.


  • 3D World is an interactive entertainment attraction in which visitors walk through an enclosed area - Strollers, prams and motorised/non-motorised wheelchairs are allowed into the premises. Strollers, prams and motorised/non-motorised wheelchairs may be left at the open area opposite the Reception area at the owner’s risk.
  • It is recommended individuals and/or groups with wheelchair accessibility requirements pre-book with 3D World.


  • Children must be supervised by a parent or nominated guardian/supervisor
  • If You bring children into the premises, you are responsible for the care, conduct and supervision of those children at all times. You are responsible for any acts causing damage committed by children whom you have brought into the gallery and whom are under your care/supervision.

Photography and use of equipment

  • Any videos, photographs or sound recordings taken by you whilst in the premises must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or production for commercial purposes, without the express written consent of 3D World is strictly prohibited.
  • The 3D World premises is under constant video surveillance.
  • Your image may be captured at any time and be used by 3D World in publicity, promotional or advertising material in any format whatsoever, for sales of souvenir photographs or for security or other purposes. By entering the 3D World premises, you consent to your image or likeness being recorded and used for these purposes and you acknowledge that copyright in these materials rests with 3D World, without identification of you, compensation or payment of any kind to you.
  • The use of mobile electronic equipment such as telephones, radios, music players and personal stereos that may cause annoyance to other visitors is not permitted in the premises.
  • At the discretion of management, additional restrictions may apply to the use of large or professional types of video or photography equipment. Use of large tripods for photographic purposes is not permitted without the consent of 3D World and its management.

Liability and Disclaimer

  • There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement device or attraction. As a visitor to the 3D World premises, you are accepting those risks and are required to exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner whilst in the gallery.
  • Except as otherwise prohibited by law, you acknowledge that neither 3D World management and staff are liable to you for any loss, damage, injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage whether to person or to property whilst at 3D World premises. Your attendance at the premises, whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by 3D World, its management or staff, and you indemnify 3D World management and staff against all claims and liability.


  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To the extent that these Terms and Conditions contravene the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and are not enforceable (or parts or parts thereof), they shall be severable without invalidating the remaining parts thereof. 3D World reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.
  • These Terms and Conditions were last updated: September 2019.