Learning Made Fun at
3D World Dubai


3D World Dubai is a new trick art gallery – first of its kind in Dubai and the region.

The 21000 square ft museum encourages students to have an engaged and interactive experience, photographing themselves by becoming a 'part of the art' With the nine themed zones, students are free to explore, learn, imagine and have a memorable and fun time with friends

Ignite Team Spirit

3D World supports all visiting students to help each other take pictures, taking turns thus developing the importance of positive relationships. They will learn to work effectively as teams and develop empathy for others

Encouraging Creativity

Students visiting 3D World Dubai will easily delve into their creative selves using their imagination in the different zones. Students can develop their own stories in the settings we provide in our various zones

3D World Dubai will help ignite creativity by offering the themed settings that support imaginative story development.

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We provide a safe and captive environment that will allow students to churn their creativity while creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

We'd love to host you and your students; assist you and your colleagues to help create a learning experience like no other.

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